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2007-09-27  September 24, 2007

Fast and Easy Tips to Avoid Being “Just Friends”

It happens to each and every one of us. We meet a woman, she is gorgeous, intelligent, and seems into us. And then, just as we are about to move to kiss her, she throws up her hands and delivers the CLASSIC line: “Let’s Just Be Friends”.

We feel embarrassed, and our masculinity plummets. What happened? What went wrong?

There is no fail-safe method to preventing this, but there are some tried and true tips to help stave-off this dreaded phrase. Here we go:

1) Be physical. No, I don’t mean wrestle with her, but I do mean to tough her. Perhaps you just met her, and have been talking for 5-10 minutes – touch her lightly on the hand or the shoulder. Or, you are out on your first date, offer your arm to her as you cross the street or subtly place your hand on her lower back. These are masculine moves, which signal to her that this is a romantic interaction, not a “friendly” one.

2) Be bold. Ultimately guys, she is looking to you to be both sensitive to her and to the moment. If the window opens for a kiss, be bold, and go for it. If you allow too many of these to pass, the energy changes, and you classify yourself as a “friend”. Even if she rejects your advance, it is far better to go for it that not. You get nowhere fast by hoping a kiss magically happens. If she does reject you, this doesn’t mean you cannot try again later. Also, she may be saving you a lot of time by indicating that she simply is not interested in you. Better to find out now.

3) Challenge her. A woman, intuitively, biologically, is seeking a man who will be firm and steadfast in his resolve, and his purpose. The way we demonstrate this is in not accepting her at her fullest. So, if you feel that she is not really living up to her potential, tell her.

If you can do these three things with consistency, you will never find yourself hearing those awful words again…”Let’s Just Be Friends”. There will be times when you do not get the girl, but you will always be firm in your purpose maintaining your integrity. And, you will be better prepared for the next girl, just around the corner.

Author: Stephen Nash
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